Le Nombre d or - Hakim El Ouadghiri | The magician’s vases
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The magician’s vases

These creations are a miniature replica of the imaginary gardens that will be created in magnificent vases in various shapes such as champagne, wine and cognac glasses.

These decorations will find their home in your interior to bring a touch of enchantment. The name given to these creations is inspired by the myth of Babylon’s hanging gardens. King Nebuchadnezzar, out of love for his wife Amytis who regretted the green hills of his childhood, created magnificent gardens hanging in his palace, thus reminding him of these wonderful memories.


120 cm x 30 cm

Matériaux / MATERIALS

Paillage minérale coloré, arbres de la connaissance, pierres diverses, bois, verre, boule de cristal et jeux de carte

Coloured mineral mulching, tree of knowledge, various stones, wood, crystal glass, card games.

Prix / Price